Bandorie’s strategic sourcing services allow clients to achieve substantial cost reductions across their direct and indirect spending. To expedite our clients’ results and enhance realized savings we’ve modified the traditional seven-step sourcing process to focus more heavily on implementation. The Bandorie recommended process includes:

  1. Spend and Demand Analysis
  2. We collect and review data on your spending habits, purchasing sources and prices, and internal materials and services demand. This analysis illuminates purchasing overspends and wasteful behaviors.

  3. Competitive Assessment and Go to Market Strategy
  4. We examine your exposure to the markets you engage with and look at the competitive landscape your company operates within to contextualize your purchasing data.

    Using the data and analysis collected and performed in steps one and two, matched with our extensive database of purchasing sources specific to the categories you operate within, we develop a sourcing strategy to save you money and align your purchasing behaviors with realistic demand expectations.

  5. Go to Market
  6. We work with you to translate the insights gained by your sourcing strategy to formulate a go-to-market strategy that helps realize your competitive advantages.

  7. Negotiation and Contracting
  8. We then actively pursue the savings potentials highlighted by your sourcing strategy, negotiating new purchasing sources and renegotiating terms with incumbent vendors.

  9. Implementation
  10. Once all of your new pricing and purchasing sources are in place we help assure a smooth transition from your old purchasing scheme to your new, instructing your internal purchasing department on best practices for maintaining and updating your new relationships.

Benefits of Strategic Sourcing

  • Realized savings
  • Greater spend visibility
  • Improved vendor relationships and compliance
  • Managed risk


Organizations pursuing sustainable energy benefit from Bandorie’s support with financial modeling, incentive gathering, risk management and strategic sourcing. We are committed to supporting the decarbonization of our built world and offer exceptional service to help you achieve your sustainability goals, save money and improve performance with accurate information. Our bespoke financial models help clients make informed business decisions, which in turn, lead to greater certainty.

By using Bandorie and our proprietary project finance modeling, you can gain clarity on:

  • Project revenue and costs: See your project’s cash flows, financial returns, and how the critical assumptions influence its performance.
  • Available incentives: Our authoritative database of available clean energy incentives allow us to identify all of the funding help you qualify for, in addition to advising your project design team on options to maximize your eligibility.
  • Project risks: Know ahead of time where you are most exposed so that you can manage all risks to within your tolerance limits.

Over time Bandorie has gained valuable experience in modeling renewable energy projects, specifically in the areas of:

  • Battery storage
  • Energy efficiency
  • Solar
  • Wind

Bandorie helps you make confident decisions towards achieving your energy goals.

Strategy &


With Bandorie guiding the way you can confidently expand into new markets or grow your business offerings. We provide reliable, actionable market research which quantitatively assesses the opportunities before you and offers a detailed plan to help drive your growth success.


Bandorie’s rigorous evaluation and recommendations improve your business operations through productivity enhancements. We have extensive experience analyzing processes and identifying unnecessary complexity, redundancy, and general busy work. We use this expertise to effectively maximize the productivity of our clients’ most important resources: people, processes, and technology.

“We’ve always done it that way” is never a good reason to continue doing something that’s wasteful. We help you be more productive and focus on executing your competitive advantage.


The gig economy is expanding and outsourcing services that were previously only available to the largest companies are now readily available to small and medium businesses. Bandorie advises clients on how to introduce remote working and freelance experts to gain incredible expertise at a fraction of the cost.