About us

Utilizing our extensive business consulting experience we support organizations to achieve outstanding results.

We help our clients achieve their financial and corporate goals through hard work, a ceaseless commitment to excellence, and a consultancy style that favors client results over billable hours.

Who We Are

Bandorie began as a consulting firm focused on client success in our areas of expertise, with emphasis on projects and clients that prioritize sustainability goals. After realizing Bandorie’s skills and experience were in high demand in areas outside of those addressing climate change, Bandorie opted for a cross-subsidization model to enhance the affordability of its services for clients and projects aimed at carbon emissions reductions.

Bandorie’s core strengths in strategic sourcing, renewable energy, and business strategy & operations consulting offer clients a complementary set of services that are needed to achieve business success. With our minimal overhead costs and ability to cleverly utilize technology and a skilled remote workforce, Bandorie is positioned to deliver exceptional service to clients at very competitive prices.

Smart and Experienced

Bandorie is excruciatingly selective in choosing candidates that join our team. This exhaustive recruitment process results in client confidence, they have access to incredibly bright consultants that are extremely talented, and highly motivated. Bandorie team members are committed to using talents to benefit our clients and affect positive change in the world.

Committed to Meeting Objectives

Bandorie projects are delivered on time as expected because of our relentless commitment to accomplishing milestones and deliverables as planned. We deploy productive tools and techniques to maximize output and we sprint when needed to reach the goals of our clients.

Affordable, Cost Effective Consulting

With a business model built to reap the benefits of flexibility, outsourced operations, and minimal overhead, Bandorie is positioned to deliver exceptional consulting service at tremendously competitive prices. Quality consulting shouldn’t be the exclusive domain of very large corporations. We think smaller companies making a difference in the world should be able to access these services as well.